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Mini Donut Office Catering

Be the office hero.

Sharing Is Caring? Not With Donuts!

What’s the problem with traditional office donuts? There are never enough to go around. Knives come out, and everyone ends up with a sad portion of a simple, glazed disappointment. Breakfast donuts should boost morale, not crush dreams.

Cater with The Mini Donut Company to offer employees flavorful options and minis of their very own!

It’s Time to Get That Dough
Step 1

Figure out your mini needs. We can handle it all, from just a few office staff to teams of thousands.

Step 2

Place your catering order online. Don’t feel like picking up your minis? No problem – we offer delivery!

Step 3

Announce the breakfast catering and soak up the much-deserved praise. Congrats – you’ve slayed the sad donut-sharing days and have officially achieved office hero status.

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Mad Love for Minis

Biting into the little pillows of delight was an experience! They were warm, soft, and fresh. You know they prepared these with so much care. But the taste! OMG, they were so good. Just the right amount if sweet. Not gimmicky or pretentious. If I was by myself, I probably could have eaten them all in one sitting.

- Jennifer B.

The most amazing tasting mini donuts ever ❤️

- @aframe24

Best batter ever! Little piece of heaven in every circle.

- Natalie L.

What a sweet sweet treat 😃 notably the freshest donuts I have ever had!

- Phil C.

So happy to work with them for bulk orders, the turnaround time is awesome!

- Chris G.



About Us

Since 2019, The Mini Donut Company has been giving the people what they want – delicious, adorable treats! We ensure all those in San Diego and Portland can easily grab a mini while on the move. No matter the occasion, our shops, vintage food cart, and extensive menu have you covered (in sprinkles).

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