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Mini Donut Delivery in San Diego

*-What’s better than picking up a dozen (or two or three) mini donuts? Delivery! Order donuts online through our website to get minis dropped off at your home or office for only $4.99.

And with delivery such a low cost, why not use that extra cash to add a few more flavors into the mix?

Order Delivery

Why Mini Donut Delivery?


Figure out orders, get in the car, fight through traffic, stand in line, complete the transaction, and drive back. Who has time for all that? We do! Leave the donut delivery to us.

No Muss, No Fuss

Dishes? Pass. Spills? Not here. Utensils? Only if hands count. Simply pop one in your mouth and be on your merry mini way.

Flavor Variety

Unlike other tasty treats, you don’t have to limit yourself when choosing flavors. Their small size means you can try them all!

Crowd Pleasers

In a world of picky eaters, donuts are almost universally loved by all. Think about it — have you ever heard anyone say they hate donuts?

This Week’s MVPs

While all our donuts hold a special place in our hearts, these featured minis can’t be missed. Try them before next week’s flavors roll in!




Banana Split



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Mad Love for Minis

Biting into the little pillows of delight was an experience! They were warm, soft, and fresh. You know they prepared these with so much care. But the taste! OMG, they were so good. Just the right amount if sweet. Not gimmicky or pretentious. If I was by myself, I probably could have eaten them all in one sitting.

- Jennifer B.

The most amazing tasting mini donuts ever ❤️

- @aframe24

Best batter ever! Little piece of heaven in every circle.

- Natalie L.

What a sweet sweet treat 😃 notably the freshest donuts I have ever had!

- Phil C.

So happy to work with them for bulk orders, the turnaround time is awesome!

- Chris G.

From Our Kitchen to Your Event

There’s never a bad time for mini donuts. With help from our catering and delivery services, your event will be the talk of the town.

Party Celebrations

Birthday. Retirement. Surprise. Anniversary. Pool. When looking for all-around party pleasers, just remember…go mini for the win(i).

Wedding Receptions

Eye-catching toppings. Variety of flavors. Zero cutlery. Ditch the dessert hassle on your big day and celebrate the mini way.

Office Catering

With an office full of people, it can be difficult to find catering options everyone will enjoy. Know what’s loved by nearly all? Donuts. Be the office hero and get mini donuts today!


Go Nuts for Mini Donuts

You’re just a few clicks away from the donuts of your dreams. Treat yourself – you deserve it.